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  • Hygenic and Accordance with Health Regulations
  • Very Short Delivery and Erection Time
  • Avoiding sticking of product
  • Regular Discharging


Flour, Semolina, Bran, Tempered Wheat

Modular steel bins are designed for the storage of flour, semolina, bran, tempered wheat and other powder or granular products. ,TETA Modular Steel Bins are manufactured according to  various dimensions and storage capacities starting from  20 tons up to 150 tons as standard.

Simple construction, fast assembly and hygiene are the key benefits of modular bins for food industries. The internal  surfaces of flour and semolina bins are coated with special Food Grade epoxy powder paint while polyester powder paint is applied on the external surfaces and baked in the furnace. Tempered wheat silos are hot dip galvanized to ensure longer lifetime. Thanks to the modular structure, these bins are transported and easily assembled at the site with endurable galvanized bolts.



Mixing different types of flour and additives could be done with the tubular screw conveyors with speed control ,located under the steel bins. The additional palletized section could also be used for a homogeneous mixture.

TETA provides two options for the control of  Dosing System which are ; PLC System and Computer Based PLC System. In the computerized system, when the percentage of each additive or type of flour from each bin is set on the screen, the system will automatically manipulate the speed control and handle the dosing operation very easily.